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great colleagues, passion, commitment, responsibility, diversity, teamplay, trust, personal growth and development of talent, dynamics, and further education

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What’s most important to us:

personal growth and further education | freedom and development of talent | fairness | respectful interaction on an equal basis | trust | teamwork and constructive cooperation.

What we’re proud of:

our colleagues | our attractive workspaces | our projects | our longstanding clients | our success | our legacy | our diversity | our creativity | our transdisciplinary cooperation | the breadth of our projects.

How we work:

with passion and dedication | with colleagues | with open doors and no hierarchies | dynamically, with clear goals and at a fast pace | with an eye for the unusual | and with impact.

What we expect:

Joy and fun on the job | respectful interactions and team spirit | a thirst for something new | independence and responsibility | loyalty | flexibility | dedication and self-discipline | creativity | initiative and new ideas | self-confidence.

What we offer:

Fun and a team spirit | career development | fitness in the workplace | fair, attractive employment conditions 

What we need:


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